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Stop being delusional: Shaista Lodhi slams age-shaming troll

  • April 25, 2023

Television host and actor Shaista Lodhi has clapped back at a troll who tried to shame her for her age and her earnings. The troll commented on Lodhi’s appearance and suggested that her way of dressing was not suitable for her age. Furthermore, the troll also criticised her earnings, claiming that money could not hide anything.

“Don’t you think you shouldn’t post such pictures because you’re so old?” questioned the self-appointed critic. “Doesn’t matter if you’re earning well. You can’t hide your age. Have some shame.”

However, Lodhi did not remain silent and hit back at the troll with grace and confidence. She advised the troll to stop being delusional. “Also, please stop being delusional,” responded Lodhi. “Nobody is hiding their age and it doesn’t have to do anything with earning well, my dear.”

Lodhi’s response has garnered praise from her fans and followers on social media, who have lauded her for handling the situation with dignity and grace. Many have also shown support for her message of self-love and acceptance, regardless of age or income.

“Why people are so obsessed with women’s ages?” wondered a fan. “Every age has its own kind of beauty. When will we understand?” Another fan commented, “Ageism! This nation will never come out of this n we will always be a third-world nation, [the] reason being our obsession with petty things. I pity the females of their homes! These kinds of men and women might be making the lives of females of their family hell by mentioning their ages every now and then and asking them to stop living! That they should die having, touched 40. And as if this troll man will never age.”

This is not the first time that Lodhi has faced criticism online, but she has always stood up for herself and promoted positivity and kindness. She is known for her engaging personality and her ability to connect with her audience, and her fans appreciate her for her authenticity and grace.

In a world where cyberbullying and trolling have become rampant, Lodhi’s response serves as a reminder to not let negative comments bring one down and to stand up for one’s self with confidence and grace.

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