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Such stories have big budgets: Wahaj Ali on why he takes on roles that show him as a victim

  • April 21, 2023

Wahaj Ali, who has been earning praises for his performances in Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, Tere Bin, Ishq Jalebi and more, spoke about the range of the scripts offered to him and why his characters are often treated wrongly, or are victimised and vulnerable in one way or the other.

In conversation with a local news channel, media personnel asked the actor about the trend of him being seen in rather “mazloom” (helpless) roles where he’s treated cruelly. “There are great budgets for such stories,” he said smiling, implying that that’s reason enough for him to choose them.

The Ehd-e-Wafa actor further added that he just picks a better script out of the ones offered to him. “The stories I like that are pitched to me are like these only. So, I pick the one that’s the best out of them and it’s usually the ones I connect with the most,” he said. Concluding, Ali quipped, “I’m an extremely powerless person at home so I like such stories. I connect with them well.”

Earlier in an interview, Ali opened up about his characters Riz in Ghisi Piti Muhabbat and Ahad in Bikhray Moti. For him, Riz posed the greatest challenge of his career with his carefree and living-for-yourself attitude.

“When you play such a character, you enjoy it more,” he had said. “The message Riz delivered was very clear – never rush into love nor make decisions in haste. Riz was a husan parast insaan (one with an affinity for beauty) – hence he loved Noor because she was beautiful. Riz taught us that if a certain relationship is becoming toxic for someone, one must move out of it.”

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