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Under the heel of the superclass

  • April 24, 2023


In Pakistan, almost everybody irrespective of the political and social divides is talking about how Pakistan is owned by only the elite class that is running the country as a corporate entity since the country came into being. Agha Iqrar Haroon who is an international award-winning journalist found the right time to publish his eBook “How Does Superclass Rule the Nations? A Case Study from Pakistan” in which he discusses sensitive issues that were considered as taboos in Pakistan for open discussion just year ago. Iqrar who is in the field since 1988 and holds degrees in Masters of Philosophy and Masters of History from Government College Lahore (GCU), shares his viewpoint that how does Superclass rule the Nations through historical references, social perspectives, and philosophical approaches.

He believes that the superclass applies classical techniques to manipulate events, to create new heroes, to humiliate real heroes, and to impose state narratives in a way that the people accept without resistance. He recommends his book to journalists, and students of journalism, mass communication, political science, anthropology, and Pakistan studies.

He claims that he finds nothing noteworthy and new in 75 years of the political history of Pakistan but just different scenes performed by old same characters appearing on stage with new personas; the same cyclostyled script; the same list of accusations against politicians, and almost the same justification to throw them out of power.

Referring the book an American scholar and writer David Rothkopf, “Superclass: The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making”, Iqrar claims that the superclass runs our governments, our largest corporations, the powerhouses of international finance, the media, and Pakistan’s superclass is not different from the global superclass described by David Rothkopf. He adds that the only difference is that the Pakistani superclass has a larger continuum as it is interceded, intermingled, and intervened through intermixed marriages.

He mentions that the year 2022 brought a political hurricane and uncommon happenings started taking place at a fast pace but not in a linear route rather back and forth, zigzagging like the documenting page of a tremor recorder and the charisma of military uniform, spellbinding of state-sponsored anchors and writers, covert operations by intelligence agencies, overt positions by state-sponsored judicial officers, and tools used by superclass for fixing the situation were exposed layer by layer and facts surfaced like the sprouting of grapevine branches under a blooming spring.

The book has 200 pages and is available in international online libraries.

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