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YouTube comeback: Saba Qamar essays multiple roles for Eid special after two-year hiatus

  • April 25, 2023

Renowned Pakistani actor Saba Qamar has revived her YouTube channel after a hiatus of two years with an Eid video. The video details her journey throughout her Eid day, offering a glimpse into the busy life of the talented actor. Qamar, who is also the scriptwriter of the video, plays several characters, accompanied by her own rhyming voiceover.

The video starts with the actor’s house help (played by Qamar) bringing her Eid clothes at 7:30 in the morning. Saba dons a stunning golden sari, which shocks the house help, prompting her to change into an all-white ensemble. The video then shows her driving fast in her car while listening to music and grooving to the beats, much to the fear of her assistant (played by Qamar) accompanying her. A fan (played by Qamar again) interrupts her and asks for a selfie, and the actor notices that she is his phone’s home screen wallpaper, much to her shock.

The video goes on to show Qamar observing people on the streets and thinking about their lives. She looks at a father and his child, wondering if they’ve been lucky enough to eat as yet. She then heads home to guests and food, where everyone is engrossed in their phones, and they begin taking pictures. She notes that the person who made the food went uncredited. She gives Eidi to her nephew, upon which he starts crying, asking for a bigger note.

In the video, Saba laments the politician on television who was once the Prime Minister, stating that people could not appreciate him. She then receives a message for a shoutout and a client comes for a photoshoot. She remembers someone special in her life, but coyly refuses to disclose details while addressing the camera, wishing her fans Eid Mubarak. The video concludes with a fun blooper reel.

The Eid video, directed by Shiraz Malik, was produced by Yogi Studios, Shoaib Khan, and Salman Manki, with Waqas Majeed serving as the Director of Photography. Half Full Studio was the agency responsible for the project, while Azan Naseer and Syed Ali Waqar served as Assistant Director and Second Assistant Director, respectively.

Syed Awais Ali Zaidi was responsible for post-production, and Mahin Khan served as the hair and makeup artist, with Haram Riz as the stylist. Qamar also expressed gratitude towards Mubashar Fayaz, Sehresh Malik, Shaya, Soha, Saif, Nazia, Laiba, and Balaj for their support in the making of the video.

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