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PTF halts tennis activities at NTC

  • June 30, 2020

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tennis Federation had to abruptly halt all activities at the National Training Centre following the news that Sarah Mehboob, the country’s top women’s player, and her father Mehboob Khan had contracted the coronavirus.

The tennis activities at the PTF Complex had resumed on June 8. Both Sarah and her father had been visiting the PTF Complex for training and coaching.

“Our top 10 players in different age groups, including Muzammil Murtaza, Muddasar Murtaza and Shoaib Khan had been training here under head coach Asem Shafiq and his team,” PTF executive vice president Khawar Hayat said on Monday. “Unfortunately, Sarah and her father have tested positive. They are regular visitors,” he added.

He said it was decided to conduct tests on all the 24 players and support staff of the NTC. “We have been conducting tests on the players and related staff. Hopefully, all results will be available by Wednesday (tomorrow) after which the decision on the reopening of the facilities will be taken,” Khawar said.

He said in these three weeks of training there had been no health issue. Meanwhile, former Davis Cup captain Mushaf Zia has also been allowed to use the PTF Complex to train youngsters. “Since his academy at the Pakistan Sports Complex has not opened as yet, he has been allowed to use one court to train kids. He has also been told to have all players tested,” Khawar said.

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