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TL;DR: Get The 2023 Complete Project Management Agile Scrum Mastery Platinum Bundle while it’s only $40.

If your company doesn’t seem to be producing the profits you were expecting, it’s not necessarily because you need more employees or advanced technology. It’s possible you may just need to learn how to streamline your operations in order to increase productivity. And you — or one of your employees — can do just that with the 2023 Complete Project Management Agile Scrum Mastery Platinum Bundle, which is currently available at a best-on-web price of $39.99.

This bundle of best-selling courses reveals how to use Scrum to increase your business success by improving team productivity. With 343 lectures over 29 hours, the courses are designed to help you develop expertise and skills in Agile and Scrum. Step-by-step videos offer tutorials that start from scratch and take you to advanced levels.

You will dive deep into all of the components of the Scrum framework to find out how to create productive collaborative environments that produce high-performing Scrum teams. You will develop skills for planning, executing and delivering projects that guarantee their success. These include prioritizing requirements and effectively managing product backlogs so that alignment with stakeholders is ensured.

In addition to the tutorials, there are ready-made templates and four Platinum Packages full of useful training. The Testing in Scrum Course covers how to improve performance by reducing development costs and preventing bugs. You will find out the biggest secret that Scrum masters won’t tell you in The Scrum in Real Life Course.

There is a Scrum Certification Tips and Tricks Course to help you prepare and pass the Scrum Certification exam on your first try. And you will also have access to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get help from previous students, as well as our team. Two bonus courses are also included: Plan and Execute the Perfect Sprints and The Transition from Traditional to Agile. Courses are taught by Dejan Majkic, who is an Agile coach with a 4.3/5 star instructor rating.

Sure, having the right tools and software will always be a big help. But now you can learn how to boost your bottom line by creating a dynamic, adaptive environment that responds nimbly to change and significantly improves productivity.

Get The 2023 Complete Project Management Agile Scrum Mastery Platinum Bundle today while it’s available for only $39.99.

Prices and availability are subject to change.

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