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Hiring kit: Chief diversity officer

  • April 03, 2023

The Chief Diversity Officer will develop, implement and monitor enterprise-wide programs that promote the hiring of employees with diverse cultural and educational experiences. This TechRepublic Premium Job Hiring Kit for a Chief Diversity Officer serves as a template you can use for your candidate recruitment search.

From the hiring kit:

For this executive-level position, the individual filling the Chief Diversity Officer role must have impeccable business acumen and experience as a leader and change agent. The position not only requires self-confidence but the ability to instill confidence in others. A Chief Diversity Officer is one of those rare job roles where recruiters do not have to worry about a candidate being over-qualified.

Successful candidates will be able to embrace their role as the personification of the company’s identity as an employer of choice. They will also provide important links with other functional areas such as marketing, legal and HR, so familiarity with those areas is vital. The Chief Diversity Officer position requires expert levels of leadership, judgment, management, mentorship and results-orientation.

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