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Interviewing guidelines policy

  • April 04, 2023

This policy from TechRepublic Premium provides guidelines for conducting useful and appropriate interviews with potential new hires, both from a proper methodology perspective and a legal standpoint. These guidelines will help build a reproducible and consistent interview framework that can be applied to any open role.

From the policy:

The first step in evaluating candidates should be creating a well-written and detailed description. (It’s also recommended to do this for presently filled roles.) Identify KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities), behaviors and core competencies that are the key to success in the job.

Include day-to-day responsibilities, the person the position reports to and interacts with, and what the job requires. List the percentage of time expected to be spent traveling, whether working from home is permitted, if on-call duties are involved, etc.

In short, present a clear picture of what is expected. You’ll attract the right people, discourage mismatches from applying, and avoid confusion and conflict. Job descriptions should be created before posting the available positions so they can be included with the ads/listings/announcements.

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