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Everybody is looking for ways to be more productive in business. From investing in the right tools and technology to learning the necessary skills to help propel your company forward, there are many things you can do to climb the career ladder or grow your small business.

For instance, in today’s data-driven world, it’s important to understand programming languages like SQL to help us make sense of, manage, and draw insights from data. If you’re unfamiliar with SQL, The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle is a great primer.

This bundle includes six courses from Prathap Reddy and John Elder. In these courses, you’ll learn how to use SQL in a variety of iterations. You’ll be able to use SQLite databases with Python, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and more. You’ll also get familiar with PostgreSQL; learning how to filter, group and slice data from tables; and explore data conversion functions.

There’s a course on the architecture of REST and SOAP API (application programming interface), allowing you to perform real-time REST API testing using Python modules and explore the various methods of API. Finally, there’s a deep dive into how Oracle components affect the performance of SQL queries.

SQL is one of the world’s most important programming languages for data sciences today. Learn it on your own time, without breaking the bank. Right now, The Ultimate SQL Bootcamp Certification Bundle is on sale for just $21 for a limited time.

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