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Sheikh Rasheed is a thug: Rana Sanaullah

  • June 09, 2017

LAHORE: Commenting over an incident which saw senior politician Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed being confronted by a man outside the Parliament House over a financial dispute, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Friday said keeping in view the track record of the Awami Muslim League chief, he feels the man who indulged in a brawl is in the right.

Sheikh Rasheed was known as Sheeda Talli before joining the Pakistan Muslim League. “He became Sheikh Rasheed after joining the Muslim League,” said he while talking to media.

“He really is a thug. He spent his whole life committing thuggery. You can see facial expressions of both the the men and decide that Sheikh Rasheed’s expressions were like those of a man who is caught red-handed after committing a thuggery. I am sure he owns 2.2 million to that man. 

Rasheed was stopped by Noor Muhammad Awan outside the Parliament House with the latter claiming  the politician owned him over Rs2 million.

TV footage showed Noor Awan confronting the firebrand politician at the Gate 1 of the Parliament House.

In an effort to calm him down, the Awami Muslim League chief assured him that he would pay him soon but to no avail.

The man kept insisting that Rashid accompany him to a mosque and promise on oath that he would pay up.

It took quite an effort for Sheikh Rasheed to convince the man to let him go. After entering the parliament he complained to the Speaker about the incident.

Awan, president of PMLN’s Japan chapter, was taken into custody and was released on bail on Friday. Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed registered a case with local police and accused the ruling party of being behind the incident.

He said Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif would be responsible if any harm came to him.

Imran Khan, Khursheed Shah and other opposition lawmakers condemned the incident and blamed the PMLN for staging the whole episode. 

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