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YouTube briefly shut down in Pakistan during Imran Khan’s speech in Peshawar

  • September 06, 2022

Reports of YouTube’s brief shut down across Pakistan emerged ahead of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s address during his party’s rally in Peshawar.

Before Khan began his address, several users on Twitter began complaining about the streaming website not working for them. The hashtag #YouTubeDown emerged on the microblogging website as a top trend.

In a tweet, NetBlocks — an internet tracker — also confirmed the disruption in YouTube’s services.

Responding to the reported blockage, PTI said that it will air its party chairman’s speech on Twitter Space.

‘Today in Peshawar jalsa I will give proper reply’: Imran Khan

YouTube’s blockage comes following  Khan’s outburst on PDM where he slammed the coalition for leading a ‘propaganda to malign’ him.

“Enough is enough,” he wrote on Twitter.

Taking to the micro-blogging site, the PTI chief wrote, “Am following intense propaganda launched by PDM cabal of crooks against me.This stems from their being petrified of PTI’s soaring popularity.”

Khan added that he will, during his party’s gathering in Peshawar, respond to those deliberately distorting his words to malign him.

PDM — the ruling parties who have formed the government after ousting Khan from the prime minister’s office in April — severely criticised Khan’s recent comments against the military and its top brass.

The armed forces were also livid following the PTI chairman’s Faisalabad jalsa speech, where he said that if a “patriotic” army chief were appointed, he would not spare the incumbent rulers.

In response, Khan tweeted that he was following the “intense propaganda” launched by the PDM’s “cabal of crooks” against him, which stems from them being “petrified of PTI’s soaring popularity”.

“Today in [the] Peshawar jalsa, I will give [a] proper reply to all those who have deliberately been distorting my words to malign me. Enough is enough,” the former prime minister warned.  

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