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Making a vital in sports, a Muhammad Asif way

  • May 28, 2017



KARACHI: It’s a common occurrence in Pakistan for sportsmen to knowledge a financial splash and go venting their beating to anyone who’d lend an ear. Or a microphone.

Their rants make for sharp news stories during initial yet usually until a piquancy runs dry due to repetition. Suddenly, a contestant with prosaic complaints aplenty is entertained by no one.

To stop his associate sportsmen from descending into this abyss, snooker star Muhammad Asif has come adult with a solution: sports entrepreneurship.

Asif, a former IBSF World Champion, recently non-stop adult a new snooker club-cum-academy in his hometown of Faisalabad — a setup with 10 full-size tables, good ambience, and some-more importantly, his mentorship.

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Owning a business, he feels, is a contingency for each diver in a land where a competition in itself doesn’t reap a rewards compulsory to feed their passion.

“You need to open your possess clubs and academies if we are personification in Pakistan,” Asif told The Express Tribune. “Whoever gets a possibility and has a small investment, they should open a bar since there is no sponsorship for a players.”

He himself might not tumble in this joint of players yet he knows he is among a propitious few. “I have a National Bank of Pakistan subsidy me up, yet I’m an difference rather than a rule,” pronounced Asif. “Most players conjunction have sponsorships nor do a supervision pitches in, so it’s improved to open a bar or academy to take caring of yourself.”

Asif doesn’t only act like a business owner, he thinks like one too, not bashful to take risks, or in this case, switch locations if things aren’t operative out.

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“I had a bar in Lahore yet it was formidable for me to transport there each now and then, and we also wasn’t removing a same kind of response we was expecting; in my hometown we consider there is some-more scope, hence a new opening.”

Despite Asif ‘the business owner’ being totally pensive in his new venture, he still is a diver during his core and delicately switches between a dual modes per a situation’s need.

On singular occasions though, he lets lax both sides of his celebrity concurrently as on a subject of snooker’s recognition (or miss thereof) among women. It’s a means of good beating for Asif yet also an event for a intelligent businessman in him to supplement to his clientele.

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“Women are not as meddlesome in snooker as men. If ever there are any women or girls children who wish to start personification snooker, my bar is there,” says a acquire host. “We can yield them a protected and accessible environment.”

But because stop during women?

“Programme should also be set adult in schools and colleges so a subsequent era can know a manners and techniques of snooker,” feels Asif.

Wishful thinking, some might call it, yet don’t be astounded if Asif — Pakistan’s possess Charlie Hustle — one day manages to put together such a programme. Because this self-starter’s expostulate and aspiration knows no boundaries.

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